Transforming launch site
integration & operations

Our team’s knowledge and experience spans one dozen launch vehicle programs and nine launch ranges, providing our clients with lessons learned, industry best practices, and risk informed alternatives for designing and developing processes, tools, and infrastructure that enable safe and cost-effective space commerce, exploration, and defense.


What We Do

ILS is helping space vehicle developers, launch service providers, and spaceport operators simplify and streamline access to outer space by challenging the status quo and proactively addressing launch licensing and regulatory compliance, range integration and safety, and launch site operations. Our team provides the following:

  • Experienced and flexible resources to provide surge support and reduce the need to maintain a standing army for the development of minimally- or non-recurring products and procedures.
  • Knowledge transfer from industry subject matter experts that supports risk informed design and operations decisions and a smoother transition to steady state operations.
  • A broad spectrum of lessons learned and best practices that support the early identification and mitigation of cost, schedule, technical, and safety risks drivers.
  • Integration products and services that cross-cut launch vehicle, payload, range, and ground systems to minimize stove-pipes and interface issues.

Our team’s experience and domain knowledge supports risk-informed decision making to improve time to market, operational independence, and cadence.

Let Us Share Our Lessons Learned with You

ILS can help you navigate stakeholder requirements, identify risk-informed alternatives, identify cost and schedule drivers, optimize resources, and facilitate operations. To discover how we can help your team break down the barriers to achieving timely, consistent, and affordable access to space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.