What We Do

ILS is committed to promoting risk-informed decision-making, resource optimization, collaboration, and the proactive integration of stakeholder processes, products, and services.

We provide engineering and technical integration services to support commercial, federal, and civil programs and projects in the following areas:

  • Program Acquisition Support
  • Systems Engineering and Integration
  • Independent Risk Assessments
  • Launch Site Design, Integration, and Operations
  • Range/Spaceport Integration
  • Mission Integration

Knowledge and Expertise

Our team applies knowledge and skills that crosscut domains and market segments to reduce duplication of effort, re-work, and disconnects.

Platforms and Systems

  • Launch Vehicles
  • Spacecraft/Payloads
  • Launch Site, Range, and Spaceport Operations
  • Ground Systems and Infrastructure
  • Telemetry, Tracking, and Communication


Our team’s experience and domain knowledge supports risk-informed decision making to improve time to market, operability, and launch tempo.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

  • FAA Launch Licensing
  • Explosive Siting
  • Facility Assessments
  • Corporate Governance

Range/Spaceport Integration

  • Requirements and Documentation (PI, PRD, OR)
  • Flight Data Safety Package
  • Range Safety
  • System Safety Program Plan
  • Missile System Prelaunch Safety Plan
  • Ground Operations Plan
  • Operations Coordination/Scheduling

Communications, Command, and Control

  • Launch Control Center/Data Center
  • Voice/Telemetry/Video
  • Flight Data Collection/Relay/Display

Assembly, Integration, Test, and Launch

  • Ops Scheduling
  • Processes/Procedures/Department Instructions
  • Launch Operations Manual

Day of Launch (DoL) Operations

  • Mission Rules/Launch Commit Criteria
  • Console Operations
  • Anomaly Resolution
  • Flight/Landing Graphic Visualization
  • Integrated Day-of-Launch Concept of Operations (ConOps)


  • Hardware (Air, Barge, Rail, and Road)
  • Commodities Delivery
  • Security/Security Escort
  • Facilities
  • Ground Support Equipment


  • Launch Site Orientation
  • Console Operator Training
  • Safety
  • Crew Exercises/Dress Rehearsals

Contingency Planning, Mishaps, and Close Calls

  • Plan Development
  • Safety Review Team/Training